Camp Nordic


A Camp for the

Royal Rangers in the Nordic coutries


For 10 years and older


Strengthening the "We-feeling"


To inspire each other to continue the Royal Rangers activities in the countries


Give the opportunity to exchange experiences

Let the young people have a spiritual experience






Welcome to Camp Nordic 2018

This will be the 2nd time Camp Nordic is arranged. First time in 2014 we enjoyed a camp in Norway and this time we will meet in Denmark.


It is a camp that gathers rangers from all the Nordic countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark.


We are still “United” as the title from 2014 told us, because we are united as nations and in Jesus Christ.


This time we will focus on what we have in Christ and what we can pass on to each other and the people around us. Come and get inspired to “Pass it on”!


Prepare your self and the camp by praying for us.


More information you can get at our Facebook page here!




Friday 27th

Camp Nordic Staff can arrive


Saturday 28th

Delegations can arrive from 3:00 pm and they can start to set up camp.


Sunday 29th

Last possible check in is at 12:00 pm

Food pick up at 4:30 pm

First meal- dinner at 5:30 pm

Opening service at 7:30 pm


Monday 30th

Before lunch, normal day

After lunch, Nordic games by Finland


Tuesday 31st

Normal day



Wednesday 1st of

Before lunch, normal day

Outings between lunch and dinner


Thursday 2nd

Normal day

Final evening service at 7:30 pm


Friday 3rd

Last meal - breakfast (you can make travelling provisions for one meal)

Day for breaking up and leaving camp


Saturday 4th

All have to be out of camp before 12:00 pm